Sandcastle´s Diamond Lil

BORN: 8.2.1988
DEAD: 10.10.2000
VARIANT: Groenendael
SEX Female
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS:: every other month or so
NOTE Loss of focus, snapping, rolling eyes, then collapse for
30 seconds or so


Kamalot Gable de Loup Noir Elcordobes de Loup Noir Garde Colline Aux Marguerite
Shanghai de Loup Noir
Kamalot Domino de Loup Noir Drakkar de la Pouroffe
Snowborn Aislinn de Loup Noir
High Mount’s Jamboree of SC Inselheim Shades O’High Mound Crocs Blanc’s Ryker
Inselheim Leica
High Mount’s Tomorrow High Mount’s Kip of Hollandia
High Mount’s Kinouche


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