Sandcastle´s Ace´s High

BORN: 24.3.1985
DEAD: 30.9.1986
VARIANT: Groenendael
SEX Male
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK 18 months old
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS:: Every few days, until 2 weeks passed.  Euthanized due to severity
NOTE Grand mal lasting 2-4min.  Slow recovery


Claire de Lune Astre Star Nic of Ganymede High Mount’s Demon of Ganymede
Starlight of Ganymede
Croc Blanc’s Marie Victorie York du Boscaille
Tenebre des Museaux Noirs
Lightfoot’s Shalimar of S.C Croc Blancs’ Ryker Claire du Lune Astre
Caprice da Picroudine
High Mount’s Shoshone High Mount’s Pride of Quivala
High Mount’s Kinouche


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