RiverWolf Columba’s Delight

BORN: April 17, 2006
SEX: Female
VARIANT Tervueren
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK June 2007 with the onset of estrus
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS An initial single grand mal seizure expanded to clustering grand mal seizures within12 days. Controlled by Phenobarbital for 70 days. Seizures then presented on an average of 16 days in clusters. She was spayed in Jan 08 prior to the onset of her second estrus due to the escalation of seizure frequency and intensity. Potassium Bromide was added in February. One seizure in March was followed by 8 months free; 2 seizures  Nov and Dec 2008.


High Clearing’s Ceasar
Corsini Jaguar
 Domburg Melodie d’Amour with
Joie de Vivre de Condivicnum
at Corsini
Tee van de Hoge Laer Glam du Sart des Bois
Kleo van de Hoge Laer
Creole Van’t Sparrebos
Lubanja’s Yann Tarass de la Quievre
Qreole de la Quievre
Annabel Orson Van’t Sparrebos
Terme Van’t Sparrebos


   Registrated siblings with epilepsy

Riverwolf Taurus
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