Fannyhills Oboy d´Equinox

BORN: 22.06.1999
DEAD: 03.08.2006
SEX: Male
VARIANT Tervueren
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS During 24 hours several seizures.
NOTE More aggressive behaviour a months before the first
seizure. Intensive wholebody seizures with froth and urination. Can not find rest, changed behaviour aggressive and affraid. During 24 hours several seizures – finally euthanasia. Not post mortem examination so brain tumor could not be excluded.


Vanistica Equinox Shogun le Pre du Vieux Pont Buddy van Lana´s Hof
Poncha des Terres Bergeres
Vanistica Knowing Bergerac Love Kills
Vanistica Galax Pursuit
Valtelina van de Hoge Laer Jarl-Wendy van Lana´s Hof Buddy van Lana´s Hof
Wendy van Lana´s Hof
Quasinoir van de Hoge Laer Fantascq du Sart des Bois
Gralengrove Crystal


   Registrated niece with epilepsy

 Dark´n Smart Proud Mary


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