Nemi des Champs du Trefle

BORN:  01/12/2009
SEX:  Female
VARIANT:  Tervueren
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS  1-2/year, usually shortly after false pregnancies
NOTE  The attacks start with arching of her spine, stiffening of her legs and her pushing out her claws. She will eventually start losing her balance, followed by vomiting and loss of control of her bladder and bowels. She is fully conscious during the whole attack. We have not timed the attacks, but more than five minutes, less than half an hour. Will update if she has more seizures. She has hypothyroidism, but is being medicated and still had an attack. As all but one seizure has been directly after false pregnancies, and due to her suffering from these and mastitis after each heat, she has now been sterilized and we will see if this reduced the frequencies of the attacks
V’IZMIR du Puy d’Aura XORAN van de Hoge Laer LUTIN de la Clairiere aux Louves
TEE van de Hoge Laer
SOULANE du Puy d’Aura OURAL de la Fureur du Crepuscule
OURAL de la Fureur du Crepuscule
ENYA du Pré du Vieux Pont ASH du Pré du Vieux Pont MILAN de la Closerie Yenda
Delapagaille MARLÉNE
ALTESSE du Pré du Vieux Pont BOETSCH de Bruine Buck
LITCHI du Crépuscule des Loups

   Registrated siblings
with epilepsy

   Registrated half-siblings
(same mother)
with epilepsy

   Registrated half-siblings
(same father)
with epilepsy

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