Vanistica Rheinardt

BORN: 12.11.1991
DEAD: .November 1998
SEX: Male
VARIANT Groenendael
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS Monthly at first but despite medication became for
frequently to five in twenty four hours
NOTE Full Grand Mal, always started when asleep. One to two minutes fitting, incontinent, uncoordinated movements, very distressed afterwards.


Questenberg Cadillac Kadour de la Quievre Ego de la Quievre
Gitane de la Quievre
Heritiere du Pays des Flandres Lynx du Perigord Vert
Elue du Pays des Flandres
Vanistica Moondust Kadock de la Maison du Bois Vauighn de la Douce Plaine
Hisis de la Maison du Bois
Vanistica Galaxy Pursuit Vainqueur Ixion de Loup Noir
Vanistica Blue Mink


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