Sandcastle´s One Cut Above

BORN: 18.09.2002
DEAD: 20.06.2013 (died during a grand mal epilepsy seizure ;-(
VARIANT: Groenendael
SEX Male
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK 17.07.20004 (First attack seen by owner but they now know he had two attacks earlier)
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS:: Started with one seizure every 3.rd week. Seizuring in
clusters usually every 3-6 weeks.
NOTE He’s currently on 180 mg. PB (60 mg TID) and 6 ml. (1500 mg.) Kbr SID.(Feb. 2008). Has relatives with idiopathic epilepsy.


Sandcastle´s Kutting Edge Dutch-Clarence v. Lana´s Hof Lando v. Lana´s Hof
Clarence v. Lana´s Hof
Sandcastle´s Honor & Glory Sandcastle´s Jig along home
Winjammer All Rites Reserved
Rolin Ridge’s Quinlan Mi-Sha-Ooks Aquila Othiz van’t Belgisch Schoon
Lois-Lane v.’t Belgisch Schoon
Rolin Ridge’s Cameo Rolin Ridge’s Fourteen Karat
Chez Les Bel Crystal of


   Registrated half-siblings (same mother) with epilepsy

Rolin Ridge´s View To A Thrill


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