Nightwalker’s Whispering Willow

BORN: 23.02.2004
VARIANT: Groenendael
SEX Female, spayed
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS:: Cluster seizures every few months. The seizures I’m aware of from before I got her, and since I’ve owned her, were mixed. That is, she’s experienced both brief episodes of acting stunned and falling into a sit, and grand mal convulsions with several hours (1 to 5 hrs) between the event and regaining her orientation. As she is now on medication she has had no seizures for a longer period of time.
NOTE Diagnosed by a vet.


Don Virgil del Castel Sardo Saxe des Terres Bergeres Foehn du Bois du Tot
Farouche de la Douce Plaine
Filou del Castel Sardo Mistyk van de Hoge Laer
Nikosi del Castel Sardo
Image’s Award of Merit Chantryile Celebre Alaric Buddy v Lana’s Hof
Johnsondale’s Jolene
Johnsondale’s Belle Sabree Johnsondale’s Starbuck
Johnsonddale’s Q-Monique


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