Lumineux Winter Fantasy

BORN: 20.06.1994
DEAD: 01.03.2010
SEX: Female, spayed
VARIANT Groenendael
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS from October 2001 to June 2005 she used to have around once a month a group of small seizures and maybe a bigger one thrown in which lasted from start to finish up to 15 minutes.
NOTE Not medicated for epilepsy but approx five years before she passed away she was diagnosed and put on medication for eratic (fast) heart rate and a murmur, so vet put her on Vetmedin heart pills whiched
helped, then a short time later vet put together a cocktail of 3 different pills (vetmedin,aldactone,
inderal) for her heart and the seizures stopped.


Lumineux Fiery Sensation Leircote Diaghilev Boris de la Douce Plaine
Zellikk Cornelia at Leircote
Lumineux Burn For You Belwarra Holy Smoke
Nairam High Light
Lumineux Sun Singer Niavana Jump the Gun Fanfare of the Two at Niavana
Niavana Dubonnet Vou
Lumineux Moonglow Belwarra Apache
Nairam High Light


   Registrated Siblings with epilepsy

Lumineux Winter Serenade
Lumineux Winter Sun


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