Ailort Encapsulate

BORN: 1999
DEAD: Still alive
VARIANT: Groenendael
SEX Male
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS:: petit mal, 3 times a year


Hurry Berry V’t Belgisch Schoon Othiz V’t Belgisch Schoon Engel du Domaine Ponti
Honey Black V’t Belgisch Schoon
Tayrha V’t Belgisch Schoon Briscar de Sart des Bois
Elga of Lady Mary
Zellik Mysterious Magic of Ailort Magician Van de Hoge Laer of Delator Hutch du Domaine Des Noirs
Haide de Vais des Artistes
Zellik Wanda Gooitzen V’t Belgisch schoon
Delightful Bumble of Zellik


   Registrated siblings
with epilepsy

Ailort E Male
Ailort Entrepreneur



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