Gamache du Domaine de la Sûre

BORN: 25.11.2009
SEX: Female, neutered April 2011
VARIANT Tervueren
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK 5 months old and then again 9 months old
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS At 5 months of age and again at 9 months of age – then medication which partly controls it.
NOTE Generalized seizures with loss of consciousnes.
Tonic-clonic. Head stretched back, frontlegs running movements, open mouth with saliva around. Hits the head against the floor. Until 1. of October 9 seizures have been observed. Lasting from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Gardenal treatment twice daily. When seizures also Diazepam


Caruso de la Chenestra Xeros van der Hoge Laer Lutin de la Clariere aux
Tee van der Hoge Laer
Yndra de la Chenestra Vasco des Gardians Fauves
Uxana de la Chenestra
Amira du Domaine de la Süre Amigo of the Home Port Debelisi Barox
Yasmin of the Home Port
Yasmine du Castel de Talan Hunky du Sart des Bois
Tagora of the Two


   Registrated siblings with epilepsy

Grimm du Domaine de la Süre
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