Cosey Mo Deabei

BORN: 22.12.1996
SEX: Female, spayed
VARIANT Tervueren
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK When 2 months after 3 years of age
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS 4 per year, no medicaments


Djaegar van de Lamar Kwando van de Hoge Laer Un Vision de Chemin des Dames
Beggy of The Two
Jolie Cannele du Domaine Ponti Vrac du Sart des Bois
Fedorah du Domaine Ponti
Amma Arabat Key van de Hoge Laer Vrac du Sart des Bois
Gitane van de Hoge Laer
Arna Borreli Igor vom Hohen Light
Bessy Large Garden


   Registrated siblings with epilepsy

Calami Deabei


   Registrated half-siblings (same mother) with epilepsy

Ammy Boy Deabei
Anzio Deabei
Bradly Deabei
Bungee Deabei


   Registrated offspring with epilepsy

Echelle Deabei
Ener Deabei


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