Black Masters Absolutely Best

BORN: 13.10.1992
DEAD: 13.08.2006 of a cerebral hemorrhage
SEX: Male
VARIANT Groenendael
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS He has only had fairly few seizures in his life. When he was about 8 years old he was put on medication and after this he only had a few small seizures.


Frenchy de la Douce Plaine Dan de la Douce Plaine Bamboo de la Douce Plaine
Borromee de Kiwani
Gigi de la Quievre Rendal de la Douce Plaine
Rhetie de Iamara
Milady des Terres Bergeres Vanga de la Douce Plaine Tristan de la Douce Plaine
Peggy du Clos Saint-Christophe
Balagny de la Douce Plaine Volfenn de la Douce Plaine
Vismie de la Douce Plain


   Registrated half-siblings
(same father)
with epilepsy

Black Master’s Just Perfect
 Black Master’s Kenral Caroline
Donatrix Corleone
Donatrix Grazielle
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