Beljekali Indian Summer

BORN: 05.07.2002
DEAD: 26.06.2008
SEX: Female
VARIANT Groenendael
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS Seizures every day while medicated

She had her first seizure in February 07, the second one 2 months later and then she stared to seizure every 4 weeks for about 3 month and then every 3 weeks.  She also started to have multiple seizures on the one day about 30 to 45 minutes apart. She was medicated using Phenobarbital and they made the seizures shorter but she still seizured every 17 days and that tended to become more often unless we increased the dosage again. Despite expert veterinary help, different as well as combinations of medication, it was not possible to control Zoë’s seizures. She had a cluster of 5 seizures in a 30 hour period only days before her life ended.


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