Ayrton of Dazzling Black

BORN: 03.06.2008
SEX: Male
VARIANT Groenendael
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS At first very few; in december 2010 increase up to 4x/day,  lasting 1/2 hour
NOTE At first only loss of co-ordination, later fits heavier,
vomiting, falling, reduced consciousness, stiffened muscles


Danko Marajuyo Renzo des Etangs Sauvages Phil-Octet de la Forêt de Bizy
Mandy des Jardins de la Font
Orange Marajuyo Tsisco van de Hoge Laer
Claudie Marajuyo
Dasha du Pre du Vieux Pont (EP) O’Rick de la Douce Plaine E’rick de la Douce Plaine
Italie de la Douce Plaine
Litchi du
Crepuscule des Loups
Gylson de la
Fureur de Crepuscule
Fidji du
Castel d’Argences


   Registrated siblings
with epilepsy

Ace of
Dazzling Black
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