Tacara’s Radieux Ryker

BORN:  08/04/1999
DEAD:  30/08/2001
SEX:  Male
VARIANT:  Tervueren
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK 2 years and 4 months
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS Focal, complex, and generalized seizures multiple times a day.
NOTE The cause of Ryker’s seizures were never confirmed. He had multiple seizures numerous times per day which started out as simple focal seizures, then complex focal seizures, and finally escalating into generalized seizures. He was on a very high dose of Phenobarb and still could not get his seizures under control and was still having daily seizures. He was on morphine and torbutrol for sedation towards the end in an unsuccessful effort to get the seizures to stop. Bloodwork was all normal. Toxicology was negative. Necropsy was inconclusive. No cause was ever found. From time of first seizure to death – 7 days


Tacara’s Citadel Clockwork Tacara’s Camarade Centurion Tacara’s Vintage Valkyr
Valter Amazone
Clockwork Flying Colors Tacara’s Esoteric Epris
Jamaica Clock Of The Heart
Tacara’s Femme Fatale II Tacara’s XIV Karat Richelieu Seafield’s Loup-Varrou
Tacara’s Bayonne Ballet
Helena Du Parc De Pathyvel Day Dreem De Condivicnum
Coraline Du Parc De Pathyvel


   Registrated siblings
with epilepsy


   Registrated half-siblings
(same mother)
with epilepsy


   Registrated half-siblings
(same father)
with epilepsy

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