Enrico von Black Daimen

BORN:  04/06/2013
DEAD:  Yes 14/12/2017
SEX:  Male
VARIANT:  Tervueren
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK  3½ years old
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS Almost daily undtil he got medicated with Keppra and later Phenobarbital. Focal seizures, fly snapping and halucinations suspected. They got very bad until he was medicated.
NOTE  Early stage of DCM and tumor in the adrenal gland was also detected


Falko de la Rose de Camee Usko du Musher Lewis
Pheline de Mounsempe
Brusse de la Rose de Camee Just de la Virginie
Veira du Domaine de Seugidor
Asta von Black- Daimen Astor vom Wolfshof TêTe Noir Babil
Chili van’t Belgisch Schoon
Daisy von Black-Daimen Hasso von Gloria
Genua v. Spranger Hof


   Registrated siblings
with epilepsy


   Registrated half-siblings
(same mother)
with epilepsy


   Registrated half-siblings
(same father)
with epilepsy

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