Team-Ami Zaro Blue

BORN:  23/03/2015
SEX:  Male
VARIANT:  Groenendael
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK  13 months old
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS It varies from 1 to 13 weeks, mostly about every 5-6 weeks.


Ferrari Des Jardins D’ebene Rival de la Furerur du Crepuscule If du Crepuscule Des Loups
Newty de la Fureur du Cresuscule
Chanel Des Jardins D’ebene Teedy Des Jardins D’ebene
Salome Des Jardins D’ebene
Team-Ami Qali Blue Valik Des Jardins Debene Romeo Des Jardins D’ebene
Salome Des Jardins D’eben
Lubanja’s Bunnyblue Reig Des Trois Reserves
Lubanja’s Undine


   Registrated siblings
with epilepsy

Team-Ami Zazzy Blue


   Registrated half-siblings
(same mother)
with epilepsy


   Registrated half-siblings
(same father)
with epilepsy

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