Chere Amie de Loup Noir

BORN: 17.11.1983
DEAD: 1993
SEX: Female and was spayed
VARIANT Groenendael
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS She had two to three seizures a week until I gave her
phenobarbital and then the seizures were better under control.  The seizures started when she was about 2 years old.  She would start pacing and then fall down and thrash around in a swimming type of movement.  The seizure would last from 5-15 minutes.


Boegna du Domaine Ponti


Ubac du Parc de l’Hay

LOF 20816 G

Olof du Leman

LOF 017563/00094,SHSB 142925

Reole du Parc de l’Hay

LOF 19016

Zorka du Clos Saint Antoine

LOSH 359767

York du Boscaille

WD210113,LOSH 3432

Youka du Boscaille

LOSH 343314

Emeraude de la Pouroffe


Ador de la Pouroffe

LOSH 375809

Youpy de la Baraque de Planches

LOSH 344390 G

Ysa de la Pouroffe

LOSH 343533 G

Caline du Clos Saint Antoine

LOSH 416251

Azola de la Pouroffe

LOSH 382654 G*

Youka du Boscaille

LOSH 343314 G


   Registrated siblings with epilepsy

Chambord du Loup Noir


   Registrated half-siblings (same father) with epilepsy

 Rolin Ridge Knight of Cha-Ma
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