The International Epilepsy Register for Belgian Shepherds was created as a method for breeders and owners to share important information regarding the occurrence of seizures in their dogs.

So many people have supported this sharing of information for the last decade and due to this support I have chosen to continue the register. A great friend offered her assistance for the technical part – teaching me how to maintain this new format. So now I have managed to transfer a total of 381 dogs to a new program and format manually – I hope the information will help us all to better help the breed!

Please let me know if adjustments are needed – if you reported your dog earlier – and it is not on the list by now – please do report it again and it will be added now! As you can see the list is now active and will remain! I need all information reported via the report form on this homepage – I can´t handle data that comes via messenger or information elsewhere.

There are 428 dogs in the database – updated last on 07.04.19

On behalf of the register

DVM PHD Master of CACS (surgery) cert. vet. chiropractor and Dedicated Vet Christina Hedal Gulløv