As a vet and breeder of Belgian Shepherds my most profound wish is to avoid that so many of our dogs develop epilepsy. I have a PhD in Clinical Veterinary Neurology, with focus on hereditary epilepsy in dogs. My field of interest is epilepsy in the Belgian Shepherd and I have intensely been working trying to add information on the genetic foundation for the disease and how it develops in the breed.

This list is a way of trying to share information among breeders and owner of the Belgian Shepherds. It is not an expression of my scientific research. The homepage now contains a list on which all Belgian Shepherds with epilepsy can be registered. You can do so by sending information about the epileptic dog to Christina Gulløv, Lars Petersvej 22, 4573 Højby, Denmark, gulloev at Note that you have to be the owner or the breeder of the dog to enter it and that you have to enclose all necessary information about the dog and ownership. It must always be possible to identify the owner/breeder by a personal e-mail or phone number. This to ensure that the homepage consists of correct information. By entering the dog you accept that the homepage shows the full name of the dog and it´s pedigree on the list of epileptic dogs. The webmaster will store all information and may eventually let them be a part of a research project.

Owners of Belgian Shepherds from all over the world– are hereby invited to enter dogs – the only requirement is that the dog has an FCI pedigree or a pedigree from a club co-operating with the FCI.

On Behalf of The International Epilepsy Registry

DMV Ph.D Dedicated vet Christina Hedal Gulløv