Lumineux Sir Leopold

BORN: 21.06.2006
SEX: Neutered male, 16.02.2007
VARIANT Groenendael
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK 18. August 2008
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS 18 Aug ’08, 5th Sept ’08, 1 April ’09, 4 April ’09, 8
April ’09
NOTE Not always the same. Big ones:  drooling, shaking of the back end, panting, uncoordinated movement, no co-relation between front & back, sometimes standing up the whole time, confused or glazed look in his eye, panting (often after exercise), sometimes incontinence faeces & urine, sometimes vomiting, (approx 5 min duration). Smaller ones: minor back end tremors, (lasting seconds or at most a minute).


Bergerac Faust Milan de la Closerie de Yenda Jirian du Mas de la Galandie
Hestia-Belle de la Closerie de
Bergerac Ursula Quartz
Bergerac Gitty
Mirribandi BurntSienna Grimmendan’s Yucan Millo van de Hoge Laer
Urane de la Maison du Bois
Mirribandi PhoenixDream Jairouk de la Fureur de
Lanaken Magic At Midnite


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