Faust Polaris

BORN: 29.04.2002
DEAD: 2008 due to epilepsi chosen euthanasia.
VARIANT: Groenendael
SEX Male
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS:: Started after car accident – after this he has had many
fits. When he was about 5 years old he has car accident. He was bruised but not broken. Owner was happy that its finished in that way and dog is alive. But after a month [August 2007] Faust  got first attack. Later attacks were very often, sometimes 3-6  for  week.  After medicines the situation little bid stabilized. During 3 months frequency of attack was
smaller.  After this time all changed again and  attacks were very often, hard, without consciousness, for 5-8 minutes every times. The dog wasn’t feel good and owner decided about euthanasia. [January 2008]  It was about 5 months after accident.


Fakaiser´s Jerez de Jaguar Gooitzen Van´t Belgisch Schoon Engel du Domaine Ponti
Elga of Lady Mary
Ceres Raisa Ceres Omar
Ceres Geisha
Gracja Z Lesnego Manezu Ceres Mister Wimula Ceres Grand Piccard
Noir Van´t Belgisch Schoon
Bibbiforta Z Lesnego Manezu Solo De La Contre Recontre
Borka Z Klemickych Lucok


   Registrated half-siblings with epilepsy

Entre Polaris


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