Dark’n Smart Highway Star

BORN: 20.05.2007
VARIANT: Groenendael
SEX Male
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS:: Only two seizures uptil now but we await further seizuring ;-( Considering medication
NOTE Started vomiting and then fell to the ground for 30
seconds. Tired and confused afterwards.


Bazzakulls Black Tower Valkohampaan Dumbarton Donatrix Dardo
Valkohampaan Blaze
Nightrunner’s Dawn-Daughter Vaquita’s Anricco Du Nord
Wirwelwind’s Svarta Diggie-Lou
Fannyhills Olivia d’Equinox Vanistica Equinox Shogun du Pre du Vieux Pont
Vanistica Knowing
Valtelina van de Hoge Laer Jarl Wendy v Lana’s Hof
Quasinoir van de Hoge Laer


   Registrated siblings with epilepsy

 Dark´n Smart Simply The Best
Dark´n Smart Proud Mary


   Registrated half-siblings(same father) with epilepsy

 Night-runner´s Ice-Floe


   Registrated uncle with epilepsy

 Fannyhills Oboy d´Equinox
 Bazzakul´s Black Bottle


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