Tanje Moonlight Masquerade

BORN: 1987
DEAD: 29.02.2002
VARIANT: Groenendael
SEX Female
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK Approx age 7 years. (Sire of this litter diagnosed with
epilepsy when they were 7 weeks old)
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS:: 2 – 3 mild petit mal fits. Litter sister started fitting
age 4 years, didn’t respond to medication and put to sleep age 5 years)


Leircote Leuven F’Yorick de Val des Artistes Orlick du Chemin des Dames
Dorsey du Val des Artistes
Folie du pays des Flandres Ezau de Pays des Flandres
Comtesse Du Pays des Flandres
Tanje Midnight Serenade Vainqueur Ixion de Loup Noir at
Celte de la Pouroffe
Devon de la Pouroffe
Tanje Long Haired Lady Viroflay Fabian
Tanje Capella


   Registrated siblings with epilepsy

 Tanje Moonlight Maestro of Ailort


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