Revloch Polished Black

BORN: 2002
DEAD: June 2006
SEX: Male
VARIANT Groenendael
DATE OF FIRST ATTACK October 2004 (more or less exactly 2 years old)
FREQUENCY OF ATTACKS 1 every 4 – 8 weeks, affected by the moon phases!
NOTE He was on two high doses of medication from the vet,
massive amounts of herbal valerian powder and various homeopathic remedies according to the progress of the fits, which just got worse and worse and increased in frequency. We believe homeopathic atropine if administered before the fit fully developed, did help to reduce the severity and
duation of his fits, but it was very difficult to always get it down him in time.  His last two fits were prolonged and very severe, literally as he came out of one he started another.  He was given release and peace in June 2006


IR GB CH Woodlyn
Black Jack at Revloch
Grandee de la
Douce Plaine at Woodlyn
Biscar du
Sart des Bois
Diala de la
Douce Plaine
Goya de la Douce
Plaine at Woodlyn
Dan de la
Douce Plaine
Vie de la
Douce Plaine
Absolutely Fabulous at Revloch
Teeko Claire v
Lana’s Hof at Zellik
Clarence v Lana’s Hof
Claire de
Zellik Melody
Magician van de Hoge Laer
Zellik Wanda


   Registrated siblings with epilepsy

Revloch Nutty Professor
Revloch Pot Black


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